REP16 Atlantic Participation (11-22 July)

A development team, headed by Sérgio Ferreira, underwent a series of preliminary tests to the operational readiness of the LSTS toolchain in regards to VANETS (Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks). The focus was to use the UAV as a communication's relay that would bridge the network gap between the operation hub on land and the smaller operation network, centered on the ASV. With the UAV bridging the two networks the land site would be able to collect that from the AUV, operating beneath the ASV. These tests were integrated with the REP 16 Atlantic (link) annual exercise with the Portuguese Navy. This year participations included CMRE, the Belgian Navy, SPAWAR and Oceanscan-OMT. Observing this exercise were members from the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, NASA and JPI Oceans.